Marbella Team

We present the project Marbella Team, a nautical project where you will find the involvement of our crew with the sponsoring companies, where they will not only obtain great sports results but also media, promotion and relations with other companies.

Our main project is the J80 class, one of the most competitive sailing classes in Spain, where we are on the starting line with Olympic medalists, world champions and a whole series of crews that make our Class be the most competitive, difficult and at the same time interesting media level in the world of sailing.

Currently we are developing new sports projects related to sailing among them the Classic Sailing one of the regattas with greater media interest and sport worldwide, where our sponsor will have the possibility of getting on with customers on the boat, doing side events with its customers and relate its brand with the sporting spirit of the sail.

In the last years we have been able to be champions in the Copa del Rey, Championship of Spain, Trofeo Conde Godo, Sotogrande Cup, Corintia class world runners-up and many other magnificent results, climbing on the podium in more than 27 occasions.

During the first part of the 2017 season we have overcome the media repercussions of last year reaching 1,300 impact in the written press, more than 1,500 million clicks on the Internet with an economic valuation of more than 6 M euros.

We want to publicly thank our sponsors and followers who give us the opportunity to go to different competitions with a competitive boat and help us promote their brand along with Marbella Team (Trademark)